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Anonymous asked: Can you have more dirty talking jacking off vids they make me really horny

Same! I’ll try my best.

Anonymous asked: I'm a girl but I love this blog. Watching guys jerk of turns me on so damn much. I come to this blog at least every other day and get off to the videos

Keep on cumming ! I appreciate it



He’s back for more action! :P I salute his bravery - wanking by the staircase! :D Imagine him blowing a huge load while getting bonked. kekeke *fap fap fap*

So adventurous to do such in sg ….hope he dun get caught one of these days…. if not no more FREE SHOWS

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Cum blast

Anonymous asked: As a female, I love watching guys jack off. It makes me so wet and horny. Anytime I want to masturbate I go to your blog. So thanks ;)


Sorry for not posting much recently. . I found someone very special and he helps me hehe

Anonymous asked: I cumed so many times bc of ur blog ty ty ty

That’s what this blog is all about! Pleasure yourself away ;)

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Omfg he’s in my town

Omfg he’s in my town